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  • Giuseppe & Paola

    It was an emotion to live it but it was incredible and special to see everything with your gaze. The people we love, the smiles, the worries, the joy, the tears of happiness, the warmth ... We already looked at your photos two years ago and we got excited in the stories of the others! Then we met you and we understood what makes what you say special: you. Your world. Your look. Your feelings. It was an honor to meet you and share this special day with you. Thanks Nino, thank you for having thrilled us once again.

    Paola & Giuseppe's Wedding in Marsala, Testimonial for Sicily Wedding Photographer

  • Paola

    It was an emotion to live it but it was incredible and special to see everything with your gaze. The people we love, the smiles, the worries, the joy, the tears of happiness, the warmth ... We already looked at your photos two years ago and we got excited in the stories of the others! Then we met you and we understood what makes what you say special: you. Your world. Your look. Your feelings. It was an honor to meet you and share this special day with you. Thanks Nino, thank you for having thrilled us once again.

    Paola & Giuseppe's Wedding in Marsala, Sicily Wedding photographer

  • Serena & Giuseppe

    A great professional! High-quality photos, exciting and emotional ... He accompanied us in our day silently, absolutely present but not intrusive!
    Every shot tells the time captured with all its nuances...

  • Alberto & Carlotta

    Nino is extremely professional and has helped us a lot in hearing Skype, as we live abroad.
    The pictures are wonderful and his meticulous work; Just over two weeks after the big day we got the link for our online gallery. The only difficulty now is to choose photos for the album with so much choice!

  • Ilenia + Mattia

    On the day of your wedding, the emotion will be so great that the next day you would like to try to relive and remember everything. Well ... With her work, you will be able to excite yourself in the same way about his photos. Almost you will not notice his presence and that of his team and ask where he was when he captured you in that precise and spontaneous moment. I am sure that not everyone is able to make you fully revive your day as you really have heard and lived it. He did.
    ... When you decide to choose nin, you have chosen for the best! Thank you!

  • Chiara + Vito

    Professionalism, sympathy and lightness, just three words to describe this incredible artist.
    It catches you discreetly in your most natural gestures. Have a team of photographers all for you and not feel them so you can live the nicest day of your life full and stress free.
    Everyone should be able to count on a team of photographers for the day of their wedding.
    Thanks for everything!

  • Sabrina & Rosario

    Our timidity said to your lens "read me" and choosing the "blue" as you have wanted to paint on canvas and impress intimacy and deep, the '' Over 'which is within us. That Blue, evokes in my mind Chagall, he used it to describe the divine essence of His Love.
    Leafing through each photo, is a journey between reality and fiction becomes, at the same time, autobiography of the characters ... awkward and true to external looks. Our world is fused to your eye, catching and respecting our nature. Your work is sublime and we can not do is tell you THANK immensely.

  • Enza and Francesco

    Before the wedding, while we were looking for a photographer on the internet, we saw photos of Lombardo.
    We love those photos and we're thrilled watching them. For this reason we chose him as our photographer was the best. During the ceremony, although Nino was there, we did not see his presence, he was not intrusive. The photos are beautiful, spontaneous, perfect; Thanks for everything ... Enza and Francesco


    Find a photographer among many of the province of Trapani offers was not easy, but when by chance we saw photos of Nino Lombardo we said we found it !! Luckily we could not have made a better choice !!
    Covering the video of that day we realize that he was not just a photographer, but he managed all situations which provided some care and form, starting with the dressing of the bride, the output from the house, at the church entrance, in meeting facilities ...
    His presence was constant and always discreet, we never had the feeling of being 'followed' by someone, we experienced the day in a simple and natural because we did not have a photographer who made special requests, as often happens.
    He is a careful and sensitive photographer, who has been able to grasp the nuances of the day, the result is gorgeous !!

  • Fariba and Fredrik

    We married in front of our families and our great friends in such a wonderful and memorable location. We needed to ensure we had a photographer who could capture our special moments. We searched online to find someone local but did not find anyone we could say we liked their pictures enough. Quite accidentally we saw Nino Lombardy’s website, we immediately loved they way he had captured the moments, it felt there was so much captured is every single of his pictures. We contacted him and he was so professional and reassuring. We knew immediately we were in safe hands.


  • Sabina and Martin

    "Knowing we wanted to get married in Sicily although we live in Denmark, we started to look into local Sicilian wedding photographers to capture our day. The hope was that a photographer who knew the island, its lighting, atmosphere and history would better understand and be able to capture what we loved about this place. And as soon as we saw Nino Lombardo's pictures online, we knew he was the one. In all his pictures we saw the soft light and romantic yet 'raw' beauty of Siciliy. It was perfect. And Nino was very open, positive and professional to plan with over a distance, so we felt completely safe to have booked him.

    On the day Nino and his assistant captured all moments from multiple angles and in such a professional way that we did not really notice them. Nino definitely has an eye for art and light, so he only spent time on what worked, and managed to see details we did not even think of.

    We received the photos faster than we had anticipated and more than 1000 of them! Both edited and non-edited photos were perfect and ready-to-go, and we are SO happy with the results. It looks like something from a magazine and yet we can feel ourselves and our guests in every photo. Looking at the photos, we feel even more proud of ourselves and the wedding than we did before. And our friends and family have told us that these are the most beautiful wedding photos they have ever seen. Which they are indeed.

    So, to sum it up, we are proud to recommend Nino Lombardo to anyone looking for wedding photos that will make both them and their guests amazed. He is a true artist on an international level, and he will not only make your memories last forever, he will also make them inspire and touch you forever.

    Best Regards,
    Sabina and Martin from Denmark"

  • Caterina & Maurizio

    We met Nino and his studio by chance by browsing works on the internet, living in Treviso so important to choose a piece of the wedding we knew would be tough, but luck helped us and it worked out just fine !!!
    To start Nino and its 5 cameras we have achieved in Treviso for a shooting prenuptial between our house and Venice! They were two days of intense but pleasant! My husband is waiting for your turn to make your favorite spaghetti !.
    These moments spent together we have been very helpful to break the ice with him and then make us feel at ease on your wedding day. In fact, that day we had a great time, as if Nino had known all his life, the day went beautifully. And that's not all. Yes, because after two days of wedding we met again and "covered" to make other photos in Trapani and surroundings (as said before inhabiting out we would not have had this opportunity) to complete a job later found to be fantastic! Video and wonderful album!
    Plus the icing on the cake, given the distance and album volume itself, all we have been delivered directly to your door by courier! It 's all in perfect condition!
    Nino has proved a friend and a caring and professional photographer in step with the times always ready to meet the needs of spouses!
    Maurizio and I recommend it to everyone.

  • Serena & Giovanni

    Get married after 16 years of road together, marry whom there for you always, your first and only love, choosing to be with you forever ... you short of breath just thinking about it, do not you think that can really happen. Yet sometimes it happens, and it happened to us. And it was beautiful. And it is, it will be.
    Wandering the web, years ago, we had stumbled on this photographers page. The thing that had affected us, most of all, were those wedding reportage so far away from the photos posing, simpering and fake marriages! He could convey all the emotional charge that is in a gesture, in a moment, in a spontaneous expression ... on a special day. So simply. The English say "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication" as sure!

    So when we said "People get married?", He has run immediately thought Nino. Us, that we are usually, both, unable to stand before a target for a decent picture.
    When you know it, you realize it is special. He has the calm and conscious look of someone who not only sees the world, but I know why they peering inside. Short, simple, and frankness of someone who loves what he does.
    That day there was lots of sun. That day there was so much light, a beautiful light; it was as if the sky had decided to give us the best of themselves. Nino has captured the light and has preserved forever in our photos; has been able to in style, with grace, with discretion, tell us and show us, in our world, taking advantage of our most beautiful emotions, the moments that you think are impossible to stop for photos.
    And the guests, our friends, that still keep telling us "But that photographer? A character! He noticed that it was not even around! But when he took pictures ste?" Oh, and who knows! He gave us a fresh and sunny reportage, spontaneous, bright and light .... The Photobook, video, make us relive every time that joy, remind us every moment of happiness that day, we tell our story. And you still do not believe it, yet his works are there, to tell you that it is true, to tell you is true.
    Thank you, Nino. To you and your staff for your kindness, for your kindness and expertise that distinguishes you. Only Thank you. Heart. Giovy & Sere

  • Myriam & Arthur

    Dear Nino,
    First of all we want to say a big thank you for being our wedding photographer!
    The pictures, the album and the video are simply perfect. You were able to capture so many amazing moments and each photo brings us back to specific memories from our wedding day.
    From start to finish, the service was not only professional but also very friendly. Since we are a Dutch couple who doesn't live in Sicily, it was not very easy to find 'the' photographer. When we find you, it felt immediately like a perfect match and it was. Your way of telling the story of our wedding day is incredible and exactly what we wanted. We love your style and creativity and you have exceeded our expectations by miles.
    Also the fact that we live abroad wasn't a problem at all. You were easily to reach and make contact with. Everything (the album, mini albums for the parents, usb key's with photo's and video) was shipped to our home and we were absolutely delighted when we opened the package. The quality is exceptional and exceeded all of our expectations.
    Dear Nino, thank you so much for all your hard work and patience. You were really wonderful to work with and we are so glad you were there to capture our Sicilian dream wedding! We are completely over the moon with the result and will treasure the album, pictures and video for ever!

  • Federica & Roberto

    Marriage is one of the most exciting moments of our lives. On that day a swirl of feelings, thoughts, feelings take precedence over everything and be surrounded by professionals so that everything goes well is crucial.
    Nino Lombardo and his precious collaborators have made it even more memorable our best day.
    High professionalism, availability, and reliability are all qualities of Nino and his team.
    Tireless, in those hours they never did weigh their presence and the result has left us without words capturing unforgettable moments with extreme discretion.
    A warm greeting and a big thank, Federica and Roberto

  • Daniela & Giuseppe

    The day of our wedding we had lost some details, guilty of emotion, but Nino with his photos made us relive every instant. We magically relived everything, in every picture you perceive all the experience, professionalism, creativity, attention and care to the smallest detail. Knowledge, skills, know how to be! Nino Lombardo, the top!

  • Monica & Michelangelo

    The professionalism of an expert and his team will remain forever in our memories through his photography will relive forever! Simply thank you!
    Monica and Michelangelo

  • Alessandra & Alessandro

    The choice of Nino Lombardo came a year before the wedding about when turning in search of a photographer walked around to see which did the job. I always loved the world of photography, and both my wife and I were very keen to photo / video service for our wedding. The wedding day flies, many things pass quickly, dress, ceremony, etc. etc. but the photos remain as well as the video and have an indelible memory in time is very important. When we went to Nino showed us his work is photographic and video, and from that moment we no longer had any doubt that he would be our photographer. Nino is a professional and an artist in his craft to 360 °, and those who turn to him can be sure to receive not only a final product (photo and video) of absolute beauty, but also to receive excellent service, a relationship with the exemplary spouses. Both me and my wife we're a little shy and timid in front of a camera lens and Nino has always been able to place themselves in a manner so polite, humble, friendly, always putting us at ease. Always know and advise you and guide you, is the day of 'Engagment (photos made a month before the wedding) that on the day of the wedding has always known how to move. Always discreetly safety and professionalism. You know where to get shots for each location and for all light conditions, always taking into account the times, guiding you, without hassle or bulk. E 'was great to see him in the room to move in complete autonomy in all the highlights of the evening without ever having had to ask his attention to capture a moment. We love his clever use of black and white and color photos seem to be alive, almost rivivessi those moments. Excellent in the post production stage when he learned to select and lay out the photos in our photo books in a very beautiful manner. Reliving that day flipping through the photo book is unique. Another strong point is the Working Group, employs talented professionals, and I want to quote his collaborator Philip Piazza who oversaw the video portion. The video is beautiful, just like we wanted it and we wanted to us a video of the wedding. Classic, elegant, fluid, with skilful cuts and an apt use of music for every moment of the video. We thank Nino for his work and for essee managed to become that day not only a professional but a family.
    We recommend it to all certain that he will not betray your expectations and your dreams.
    Thank you!
    Alessandro and Alessandra

  • Piera & Claudio

    For our wedding, we chose a church and a beautiful location, we wanted to live our story in a really ambient dream. Obviously, the photographer could not be chosen at random. Since we live in the north, although we are Sicilians, we used the web to make a first selection of suppliers that might interest us. We started looking Sicilian photographers able to carry out a reportage style, because we did not want absolutely spend hours posing in front of camera. The choice could only fall on Nino Lombardo. As we watched her site, we realized that it was just what we needed: a stylish, simple, lively and modern. Back to Sicily we decided to move from his studio, there also were impressed by his availability, reliability and professionalism. We did not have any doubt and immediately chose it to the point of lock phone after confirming church and location. Over the months, it was easy to stay in touch by phone and especially email.
    On the wedding day we do not in the least noticed of its presence, so discreet with his collaborators. Amenable to reach my home town which is 300 km from Trapani.
    Punctual delivery of everything and always available to satisfy our demands, but above all the photos are spectacular, much more beautiful than we could imagine. Nino knows how to capture every moment of this special day and is able to transmit the exact same emotions. Browse the album was a return to our fabulous day. I recommend everyone Nino for the professionalism, photo capabilities and availability. For those who live far there is no problem because it is always in step with the times, as it uses various technological tools, and communicate with him will never be a problem. Thanks again for everything and congratulations.

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