Castellammare Wedding

Castellammare Wedding | Lombardo wedding photographer

Photo shoot of a marriage in Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily. By emotions during the preparations of the couple to the entertaining dancing with friends at the "House of Oranges"

I started to tell this intense day, important for these two families photographing the bride and groom: Peter and Maria Elena in their respective homes, including the emotions of friends and relatives. It also sees an excited bride in detail the moments before the wedding ceremony.

Peter and Maria Elena got married in the beautiful Cathedral Church of Castellammare del Golfo, a characteristic town on the sea of Western Sicily. A beautiful day with a special light that was visible among the aisles of the ancient church.
The spouses have thanked their guests to "Casale of Oranges", Calatafimi - Segesta, here there was the funny side of the wedding day with cheerful dances together with friends!

Fotografie Spontanee Sposo e Mamma
Scatto Vestizione Dello Sposo
Immagine a casa prima del Matrimonio
Sposo con Le Sorelle a Castellammare
Servizio fotografico Matrimonio a Castellammare del Golfo
Make up Sposa Castellammare del Golfo
Fotografie sen pose a casa della Sposa
Emozioni della Sposa prima del Matrimonio
Sposa Felice e Raggiante
Wedding dress at the bride'house in Castellammare del Golfo
Fotografia spontanea a Casa della Sposa
Castellammare del Golfo, lo Sposo entra in Chiesa
Arriva la sposa nella Chiesa di Castellammare del Golfo
Chiesa Madre di Castellammare del Golfo, Gli Sposi
Fotografia della Chiesa Madre di Castellammare del Golfo in Bianco e Nero
La promessa degli sposi
Racconto fotografico matrimonio elegante a Castellammare
Real Wedding Castellammare del Golfo for Nino Lombardo Photographer
Black and White Wedding Sicily shooting
Gli Sposi alla marina di Castellammare del Golfo
Bride and Groom's car, Wedding Sicily
Bacio in Bianco e nero
Fotografia spontanea degli sposi
Wedding Shooting in Sicily by Nino Lombardo photojournalist
Nino Lombardo fotografie spontanee in Sicilia
Fotografie allegre per matrimoni eleganti di Nino Lombardo in Sicilia
I balli degli sposi al Casale degli Aranci
Best Wedding Time for the sposes in Sicily
Best wedding dance with friends
Sicily Wedding Photographer
Real Photojournalist in Sicily Nino Lombardo
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